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The black student green book

For 30 years, a New York City mailman by the name of Victor Green wrote and distributed the Green Book—a travel guide for African American motorists.  The Green Book helped black travelers navigate the dangers and constant humiliations that racial segregation posed.

From on campus racial discrimination to stigmas about graduation rates, Black students are currently dealing with issues that are impacting their retention, success and overall satisfaction with their colleges and universities. This impactful keynote speech help students black students on your campus with some specific tools that will enhance their overall college experience. Through this navigational talk, we will promote cultural competency, team building self care and more.

MrJeffDess has been an advisor to Black Student Unions at various institutions for over 10 years. Professor Lenny Williams has led recruitment and retention initiatives for black students as well starting his own scholarship fund which directly supports African American student retention rate

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