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Virtual Programs


The Trill or Not Trill Virtual Programs is the home of the most culturally responsive online educational space. Virtually connect with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, engaged students, and more! Gain a flexible experience guaranteed to enhance your leadership skills and prepare you for your career goals. 


Our digital masterclasses more than your average webinar. Gain the skills you need in areas such as branding, financial literacy, leadership, public speaking and much more.

Digital Summits and Conferences

We will host the most innovative and culturally responsive digital summits for business leaders, educators and students. Categories will vary. We also curate conferences for schools, companies and institutions.

Digital Programs

Check the catalogue of our ever growing digital and virtual experiences. Find engagement programs, service related events and more

Live Stream Conversation Series and Workshops

Listen to exclusive interviews and conversations about important game changing topics.

Virtual Get This Work

Schedule a session and receive a Linked In Review, Professional Styling session and professional  Negotiation Tips from our expert team.

Digital Networking Hour

Enter exclusive rooms with our curated community for professional development, mentorship, entrepreneurship  and other collaborative opportunities

Digital Day Parties

We bring together amazing DJ’s, performers, expert facilitators and speakers, plus more. Here some micro speeches, get prizes and add a little turn up while your at it.

Most Popular Programs

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